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I joined the get your words out challenge and I couldn't. Get my words out I mean. Work crashed, I crashed, nothing got written so I dropped out. However I'm keeping this journal because I do want to work on my writing and maybe if I don't feel pressured to do a certain amount of words I'll be more likely to do it. So that is my plan.

I intend to work on the CrackFic To End All CrackFic (which really needs a title) but it might take a while because every time I start writing it in my mind, something else pops up that need to be explained. So who knows how long it will be before it's done. Meshing the Star Wars universe and the Star Trek universe isn't simple, I knew it wouldn't be but I'm at least trying to find a way to do it that makes sense.

So that's that. Hopefully I'll feel inspired sometime this week and actually put the first chapter down on paper so to speak. Considering that it's been finished in my head for nearly two years now, it's about damn time.


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